passed away in 2020
(DWD Tabasco x SH Carmen)
stallion, grey, 1993

Breeder: Korfowe Arabians, PL
Owner: Black Lady Arabians
Sire line: Kuhailan Haifi 1923
Dam line: Cherifa 1869

DWD Tabasco Traditio Gdansk
Halali Tamarisk
Baskvienna Bask
Halali Fortunata
SH Carmen SH Patton Gulden
Four Winds Patyna
FTL Eleana Fortel
Grey stallion born 1993 at Korfowe Arabians. Imported in utero from US in 1993 with his dam – SH Carmen, great granddaughter of legendary Comet.
The sire of Cliinntonn is US-bred DWD Tabasco, sold to Italy later on, US and Canadian Champion Park Horse, 1987 Star World Reserve Grand Champion Junior Get of Sire and 1988 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Get of Sire. Tabasco was a sire of many champions in the US, Canada nad worldwide, including World Champion Stallion the black Taladinn.
Cliinntonn himself was competing at the racecourse in 1996 winning one of two races that he took part in. Year later was transferred to the show arena gaining the title of Senior Champion and Most Polular Horse of the Show special award in Warsaw.
After some dramatic turnouts and changing ownership he finally found his safe home at our farm nearby Zgierz.


1998 Gigolo - gelding (Głowica)
1999 Gracja - mare (Głowica)
1999 Zmyślak - stallion (Zaabibi)
2000 Erfali - stallion (Etruska)
2001 Peter Pan - stallion (Philly)
2003 Caliph - stallion (Cesta)


Champion Stallion of III Private Owned Arabian Horses Show - Sluzewiec Racecourse Warsaw, 1997 The Spectators Prize for the Most Popular Horse of the Show