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Polish Nationals

Our Enerina was 4th in a very strong class of mares 7 to 10 years old!


Success at Stroehen Show

At the B class Stoehen show our mares did great achieving:
Namirah - 2nd in class of 4-6 years old mares
Hulina - 3rd in class of 7-10 years old mares
Enerina 4th in the same class


Tulip Cup 2019

Last weekend our horses took part in a B show in Holand. Namirah, Naminah and Hulina won 3rd places respectively, while Evie Blacklady was 4th.


Namirah KA and Wiron at Radom Show

Namirah KA and Wiron competed at Radom Show. Namirah took 2nd place this time and Wiron was 3rd. See you at the further shows this year!


Big success of Namirah KA at Bialka show

Big success of our Namirah KA at Bialka show! In the strong class she was 3rd with amazing score of 92.33pts

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